Auburn Housing Authority

The Auburn Housing Authority and its mission to provide affordable housing opportunities to individuals and families. Affordable housing is a critical issue in many communities across the United States, and the Auburn Housing Authority (AHA) is dedicated to addressing this issue in the Auburn area. Established in 1949, the AHA’s primary goal is to provide … Read more

Tuscaloosa First Time Homebuyers

Tuscaloosa First Time Homebuyers Program: Making Homeownership a Reality The Tuscaloosa First Time Homebuyers Program is an initiative by the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority (THA) aimed at assisting qualifying first-time homebuyers in achieving their dream of homeownership. This program offers financial support and guidance to individuals and families who meet the established criteria, empowering them to … Read more

Mobile AL Downpayment Assistance

Mobile AL Downpayment Assistance Program: Opening Doors to Homeownership Purchasing a home is a dream for many individuals and families, but the financial demands can often make it seem out of reach. However, the City of Mobile’s First Time Home Buyers’ Program aims to provide assistance to income-eligible households, helping them overcome the hurdle of … Read more

Mobile AL HOME Program

In an effort to address the ongoing issue of affordable housing, the federal government has established the HOME Program. This program provides funding to states and localities, such as Mobile, AL, to be exclusively used for affordable housing activities that benefit low-income households. By offering financial support, the HOME Program aims to ensure that individuals … Read more

Montgomery AL Housing Choice Voucher

Empowering Montgomery AL Housing Choice Voucher Participants Towards Homeownership The Montgomery AL Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program aims to uplift and empower eligible participants by providing them with an opportunity to become homeowners. Through the HCV Homeownership Program, families who meet the necessary requirements can receive monthly mortgage assistance, allowing them to invest in wealth … Read more

Huntsville Home Down Payment Assistance

The Down Payment Assistance Program (DAP) offered by the Community Development Department aims to support first-time homebuyers in overcoming the initial hurdle of affording a down payment. This program provides financial assistance of up to $7,500 to eligible individuals to cover their down payment and closing costs. The amount offered is determined based on the … Read more